ZONCARE iMAC 300 PRO EKG aparaat 3 kanaliga

1,259.00 (sisaldab KM)

Tarne kuni 10-20 tööpäeva

iMAC 300 on digitaalne 3 kanaliga EKG-seade puutetundliku ekraaniga.

Ühildub ja salvestab DICOM formaadis faile Eesti Tervishoiu Pildipanka

Komplekti kuulub:

  • iMAC300 EKG PRO seade
  • Laadija, kaablid (12-lead cable – Banana Type), rinna elektroodid 6tk, jäsemete elektroodid 4tk.
  • Kasutusjuhend


5-inch screen and 12-lead synchronous acquisition and display (touch screen optional). Using the Glasgow algorithm, which is a world-leading ECG algorithms enables auto-diagnosis and auto-analysis based on age, gender, race,
and prior medications, which is very effective in interpreting STEMI.

Support z-fold paper or roll paper printing and also support connection to external laser printers directly.
Built-in high-capacity lithium battery withsuperbendurance,whichcan ensure long working hours away from electricity.

Large Storage Capacity ≥20000 ECGs .
Support importing to USB flash drive in PDF format. Support LAN and WIFI.

● Can be used for Adult, Pediatric and newborn

● 5-inch super sensitive and capacitive touch screen

● Support multiple languages

● Equipped with alphanumeric keyboard and shortcut keys, fully consider your clinical needs

● The interface of the machine is changed according to the habits of different regions

● Support Z-fold and roll thermal recording paper

● Lead off alarm

● Optional lifting trolley, exquisite design makes it compact and convenient

● 0.01-350Hz ultra-wide frequency response could acquire signals of patients from pediatric to elder

● Up to 32000Hz sampling rate and 24 shift bits, the ECG machine can accurately collect every dot of the electrocardio

● The Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) greater than 115db eliminates the influence of interference on the quality of the waveform

Outstanding network connectivity makes it stand out among the 3 channel ECG machines

● Support WIFI and wired way to connect internet

● Support international transmission protocols such as Dicom, FTP, HTTP and SAMBA etc.

● Support data transmission to PC via LAN port, USB port, SD card and WIFI

● ECG data can be saved as HL7, XML, PDF, PNG, JPG, DICOM, GDT or ZQECG formats

● iMAC 300 can be used for Adult, Pediatric and newborn

Interface and peripherals
● 2 USB ports: support keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, U disk, card Reader etc.
● LAN port

 Chest electrodes (used to connect banana type cable and put on chest
Limbs electrodes (used to connect banana type cable with 4 limbs
Disposable electrodes(used to connect snap type cable
Electrodes adapter(used to connect banana type cable and change into snap or clip type)
12-lead cable – Banana Type