ZONCARE iMAC 300 EKG seade 3 kanaliga

1,159.00 (sisaldab KM)

TOODE LAOS – tarne 1-3 tööpäeva

iMAC 300 on digitaalne 3 kanaliga EKG seade.

Ühildub ja salvestab DICOM formaadis faile Eesti Tervishoiu Pildipanka

Komplekti kuulub:

  • iMAC300 EKG seade
  • Laadija, kaablid (12-lead cable – Banana Type), rinna elektroodid 6 tk, jäsemete elektroodid 4 tk.
  • Kasutusjuhend

5-inch screen and 12-lead synchronous acquisition and display (touch screen optional). Using the Glasgow algorithm, which is a world-leading ECG algorithms enables auto-diagnosis and auto-analysis based on age, gender, race,
and prior medications, which is very effective in interpreting STEMI.

Support z-fold paper or roll paper printing and also support connection to external laser printers directly.
Built-in high-capacity lithium battery withsuperbendurance,whichcan ensure long working hours away from electricity.

Large Storage Capacity ≥20000 ECGs .
Support importing to USB flash drive in PDF format. Support LAN and WIFI.

● Sampling rate: 32000Hz
● A/D shift: 24 bits
● 5-inch high resolution LCD screen with grid background
● The lightest 3 channel ECG, only 1.3kg
● ECG data can be saved as HL7, XML, PDF, PNG, JPG, DICOM, GDT or ZQECG format
● Support paperless records and storage of electronic cases, the machine stores more than 1000 cases
iMAC 300 can be used for Adult, Pediatric and newborn

 Chest electrodes (used to connect banana type cable and put on chest
Limbs electrodes (used to connect banana type cable with 4 limbs
Disposable electrodes(used to connect snap type cable
Electrodes adapter(used to connect banana type cable and change into snap or clip type)
12-lead cable – Banana Type