RIMSA PENTALED 30E LIGHT operatsioonivalgusti ratastel 120.000 lux

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Innovative Design: We’ve taken the well-known cupola from the Pentaled 30E and combined it with a lighter structure, making it even more cost-effective without compromising on light quality.

Superior Quality: Pentaled’s commitment to quality remains steadfast, ensuring that you can rely on our lighting solutions for the most critical surgical procedures.

Competitive Pricing: We understand the importance of cost-efficiency in healthcare. The PENTALED 30E LIGHT offers exceptional value at a competitive price.

PENTALED30E LIGHT is recommended for operating theatres where the surgeon needs a small lamp to avoid interference with other overhead equipment.
Excellent for oral and maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery. It has 30 elliptical reflectors split into 6 modules, each containing 5 LEDs, providing 160,000 Lux.
Indirect light the indirect light provided by all Pentaled lamps guarantees cold light, depth and no stress or dazzling for the surgeon. This is due to especially calculated parabolic dishes that reflect the entire spectrum of light emitted by each LED lamp in a punctiform manner, without dispersion.
Light always on focus “E-View” is a lens that lets the surgeon expand/narrow the illuminated operating field electronically, without altering the intensity of the light at the centre of the field (Ec). Adjustment of the luminous field is one of the priority requirements of a surgeon’s lamp.


Technical specifications
Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec)160.000 lux
Light head diameter40 cm
Color temperature (2 selections)4.500 – 5.000 K
Color rendering index (CRI)96 Ra
Diameter adjustmentElectronic
Light field diameter adjustable from-to140 – 260 mm
d10 light field diameter where illuminance reached 10% of Ec210 mm
Depth of illumination IEC 60601-2-41 (L1+L2) at 60%600 mm
Depth of illumination IEC 60601-2-41 (L1+L2) at 20%950 mm
Total radiated energy Ee where the illuminance reaches max level627 W/m2
Ratio between radiated energy Ee and illuminance Ec3,9
Average LED life> 60,000 hours
Control of the illuminance25 – 100 %
Electrical absorption52 W – 60 VA