RIMSA 2 x PENTALED 12 protseduurivalgusti seinakinnitusega 100.000 lux

6,995.00 (sisaldab KM)

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The shamanic Pentaled 12 lamp represents a perfect union between technological progress, innovative and ergonomic design and typically Italian quality. It is suitable for use in clinics, emergency rooms, intensive therapies, awakening rooms, pre-operating rooms, diagnostic specializations and analysis laboratories.

Compact lamp, equipped with two comfortable side handles that ensure easy maneuverability and reduce the encumbrance. The color temperature is equal to 4500 K. Its peculiarities are:
–Indirect light, or reflected light. The light rays emitted by the LED are reflected by an ellipse in a point-like manner on the operating field.
-Cold light: only 12 led 100,000 lux. Fewer Leds, lower temperature generated for the comfort of doctor and patient
-The structure, handy, is made of steel while the dome in anodized aluminum. It is composed of 85% recyclable materials
-Energy saving: low energy consumption, 2/3 less than a conventional halogen system.

Technical specifications
Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec)100.000 Lux
Light head diameter40 cm
Color temperature4.500 K
Color rendering index (CRI)95 Ra
Diameter adjustmentFixed
d10 light field diameter where illuminance reached 10% of Ec160 mm
Depth of illumination IEC 60601-2-41 (L1+L2) at 60%750 mm
Depth of illumination IEC 60601-2-41 (L1+L2) at 20%1500 mm
Total radiated energy Ee where the illuminance reaches max level370 W/m2
Ratio between radiated energy Ee and illuminance Ec3,7
Average led life> 60.000 hours
Control of the illuminance20 – 100 %
Electrical absorption20 W – 38 VA