Omron M6 Comfort HEM-7360-E digital blood pressure monitor

139.00 (sisaldab KM)

Delivery time up to 14 working days

  • Clinically validated
  • Intellisense Technology
  • Irregular heartbeat detector: AFib
  • Cuff wrap guide
  • Intelli Wrap Technology (360° accuracy: accurate measurements from any position around the upper arm)
  • Cuff: Intelli wrap cuff 22-42 cm
  • Memory measurement: 100 x 2 users + guest mode
  • Body movement detection
  • Easy high blood pressure colour indicator: signal in case the values exceed the E.H.S. standards for domiciliary auto-measurements (85 systolic pressure and/or 135 diastolic pressure)
  • Hypertension
  • Average last 3 measurements (Average of 3 last measurements made within 10 min)
  • 3 consecutive measurements in AFib mode
  • Measurements comparison versus prior readings

    Intelli Wrap Cuff fits normal and large arms eliminating inaccurate readings associated with incorrect positioning.
    AFib indication function.

    The Intellisense™ technology ensures that the right inflation pressure is automatically detected.

    It detects irregular pulses and automatically decides if the measurement result is reliable or needs to be repeated.

    Only accurate results are displayed.

    Multilingual box and manual: GB, FR, IT, ES, DE, NL, RU, TR, Arabic.